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Re: smsd dlopen error

From: procadas
Subject: Re: smsd dlopen error
Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 09:37:03 +0000

Vladimir you make my day :-). Indeed, I used -m instead of -m
mysql. It's there, in the README but I didn't read carefully the text for
-m. Sorry. Usually I read carefully the help files...
Anyway, I just make a few tests and everything runs fine.  Vladimir, thank

A bit off-topic: I make some of the tests with my cell phone, a Samsung
SGH100 (4+ years old). If I write a single word, no problem, but with more
words the phone return the message "no sim card memory for SMS". Needless
to say that the memory has no messages. The operator's helpdesk told me
there is a bug with the software, but I can receive messages normally from
their services and from different cell phones. Something special must be
done in how the text is inserted in the database? Best regards.

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On Tue, 2002-12-17 at 17:58, address@hidden wrote:
> Hi. I'm almost done with smsd but when I run smsd it returns this error:
> dlopen error: /usr//share/smsd/ cannot open shared
> file: No such file or directory!
> Cannot load database module in /usr//share/smsd!
> That double // are strange...Any tip will be appreciated. Cheers

 They are not strange. Strange are double 'lib' and '.so' . It looks
like somebody is attaching something that he shouldn't. Take look
somewhere if you can specify path to this '', and write just
'mysql' there instead of '' .


 and have a very nice day !

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