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Re: Web interface+PHP for gnokii

From: Monostori Krisztian
Subject: Re: Web interface+PHP for gnokii
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 09:38:04 +0100


I think the easiest way to send sms from a PHP application is to use the smsd.
You just put the SMS into a MySQL table to send it. Its is very easy from the 

Bets regards

Krisztian Monostori

Idézve: Dátum: 2002.12.13. 16:34:23. Feladó: address@hidden
>Hi. Finally my employee give me green light to deploy an SMS gateway and
>this mean a new server to join the list of linux servers that we have here.
>Because we will sent messages to a limited list of numbers, a web interface
>it's a good way to do this. I found some interesting messages in the
>mailling list but lacking in information. I guess smsd it's a better tool
>to use than gnokii but I'm having problems compiling it and for some reason
>I'm not been able to run gnokii for the web page. I added apache to the
>gnokii group, the access to the serial port is ok but I'm missing
>something. Any tips will be great and better if someone who have an web
>interface running don't mind to contact me. Thanks in advance and best
>P.S. : Thanks to the gnokii team for a cool piece of software.
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