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Odp: Nokia 6310i + gnokii 0.4.3

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Odp: Nokia 6310i + gnokii 0.4.3
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 10:06:38 +0100

>>> address@hidden 15 Grudzień 2002 21:00:01 >>>
> I am trying to get my Nokia 6310i to work with gnokii 0.4.3.  I am

Don't use gnokii 0.4.3. Later versions have many fixes.

> able to talk to the phone using xgnokii, and I am able to send SMS
> out.  But I am not able to use it as a modem to dial up to an ISP. 

You don't need gnokii to dial up. You even don't want it.

> I set model to "6310i", gnokii can connect to the phone.  But if I
> were to set model to "AT", I get the following:

> kolmogorov gnokii/bin# ./gnokii --monitor

I belive we don't have --monitor implemented for AT driver. What about
gnokii --identify in such configuration?

> Adding key/value port//dev/ttyS1

Are you sure this is correct port for the irda communication?
What about /dev/ircomm0?

> If I set model to "6310i" and I try to dial up using pppd, I get the
> message saying "no carrier" in /var/log/messages.

Don't use gnokii for that. Gnokii is not capable doing this at all. I
can't imagine how you would use gnokii and pppd. There's a possibility
to use gnokiid as the software modem emulation but there's no sense
in doing this -- Nokia 6310i has built in modem and accepts AT


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