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Nokia ringtones

From: Filipe Almeida
Subject: Nokia ringtones
Date: 10 Dec 2002 09:40:49 +0000

Hi there.
Hi. I have a 5510 nokia phone, and the SCKL messages i sent to it do not
perform any sound. It recognizes the message i send as a ringtone, but
it only vibrates not doing any sound. I've tried your software with all
the options and i could't get it to make sound. This happened also with
3210, 5210 and 3310.
Do you know why this happens?
Here's what i sent:
First SMS:
Second SMS:

Am i doing something wrong? What's missing from here?

Thanks a lot for any help you may provide.
Best regards to you all

Filipe Almeida

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