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Upcoming changes in CVS

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Upcoming changes in CVS
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2002 00:07:40 +0100 (CET)

Hi all,

Just as I promised before, I'm going to do a major change in the gnokii
API. Jano pointed at some point that we have totally non-uniform api that
is used by the external (to libgnokii) interface. As the example SendSMS()
can serve. It ain't good.

The wise solution seems to be a reverse polish notation. The function
(structure/union/whaterver) will look more-less like:
gn_ prefix would be used just for the things in the external API, _action
suffix would be used by the functions. As with the above example,
SendSMS() would become gn_sms_send().

I'm going to spent a couple of hours tomorow (Friday) evening and day
after tomorrow (Saturday) merging the changes from my local tree to CVS.
If you have any pending patches, please resend them quickly. Markus, Bozo,
Pavel, Ladis, please commit any changes you have before Friday evening and
give me the chance doing the job.

The changes will cover mainly the libgnokii changes. The user applications
will become broken and will not compile. It applies to: gnokii, gnokiid,
xgnokii, smsd. DO NOT COMPLAIN that CVS does not compile. I KNOW.

To let the changes get tested, I'll release 0.5.0pre2 version just before
breaking CVS.

Then we'll need to fix the user applications make some cleanup and we're
ready for 0.5 series.

BTW, I'd like to welcome Ladislav Michl aka ladis to core gnokii team.
He's surrently doing a good job cleaning CBUS driver, adding Bosch AT
support, new functionality to AT driver, and making the clever notes and
suggestions on the gnokii design. Thanks for already done work and
welcome, this time officially :-)

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