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(no subject)

From: sirrosh
Subject: (no subject)
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 01:55:21 +0200

Hello gnokii-users,

>I did not tray the lates cvs ( shame on me ;-) but with 0.4 it worked.
>you have to init it many times, the best chance is with the phone just
>turned on.

>5125 is tdma, and only a sub set of options work with it.
>memory in and out, get startup logo and I was working on set startup
>the dial comand also works ok.
>I you get any int on reciving sms with it PLEASE give us a call.

This problem is also vital for me! Have you got some info about
sending/receiving SMS?


Best regards,
 sirrosh                          mailto:address@hidden

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