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/dev/gnokii ,5110 & datacalls

From: Mika Leinonen
Subject: /dev/gnokii ,5110 & datacalls
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 21:29:50 +0200 (EET)

I have a problem getting datacalls to works. I tried Gnokii 0.4.3, Nokia
5110, mini-Debian CD called "lordsutch", and a "F-bus only" cable from
Nuukiaworld. I also tried a cable from a commercial package for win95/98
(MTDS). The connection, Sonera Classic, has 9600 bps data calls enabled.
MTDS on win 95 made the call. When I used minicom with linux, the call
connects, there is a message saying something like connect or carrier.
But no text comes from the modem at the remote side of the line. Should I
initialize minicom or gnokiid with some commands? What are the correct
settings for Minicom and .gnokiirc?

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