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Re: 3330 / MacOS X - a ha!

From: Ruotger . Skupin
Subject: Re: 3330 / MacOS X - a ha!
Date: Thu, 28 Nov 2002 19:29:45 +0100

Am Donnerstag, 28.11.02, um 13:21 Uhr (Europe/Berlin) schrieb Tobie Kerridge:


I just read in the "README for MacOS X" that various parts of the gnokii suite have not been ported, including the AT Emulator. Under os x I need a gsm phone with a modem included, problem solved!
Hm, but gnokii --identify should work nevertheless. Please try compiling the latest tarball. maybe you even get gnokiid to work

Thanks to Ivan, here's his list of AT compatible phones:


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