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fax receiving (Nokia Cardphone or others) ?

From: Robert Michel
Subject: fax receiving (Nokia Cardphone or others) ?
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2002 13:45:02 +0100


I whant to write a smal guide about GSM and Linux for
and I get everything running with my PCMICA Nokia Cardphone but
receiving fax calls.

Will gnokii software help receiving fax in general?

The network is singnaling this incomming call as voice, and with
minicom nothing is visible until activating extendet signaling:
but this brings not efax to react.

I do not think than hacking efax and replace the keyword RING
with "+CRING: VOICE" would work, faxing and GSM seems to be
technicaly a little bit complicated.

So do you know anythink about "Fax receiving via GSM"
- is this already possibel with GNU/Linux
- how?

Any ideas, informations wellcome.

>From ATNOKIA.pdf page 40:
+CRC Celluar Result Codes

This command controls whether or not the extended format incoming call 
indication is usd. When enabled, an incomming call is indicated to the DTE 
with the result code +CRING:<type> instead of the normal RING. See also 
section Result Codes. (GSM 07.07 section 6.11.)

AT+CRC=<mode>   Set incoming call information mode. The 
                        default option is 0.

AT+CRC?         Query current setting
                        Response is +CRC:<mode>

AT+CRC=?                Show supported modes.
                        Respondse is +RCR:(list of supported
Values for <mode>:
0                       Disable extended format call indication.
1                       Enable extended format call indication.
Mit AT+CRC=1 habe ich in minicom 


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