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Re: Delivery report (delivered/pending) in smsd

From: Kompella Purnima
Subject: Re: Delivery report (delivered/pending) in smsd
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 08:14:44 +0000 (GMT)


The phone does set a message ID when sending messages.
This is called the Message reference number.

This can be seen in the modem submit response when
sending messages using AT commands (AT+CMGS)

This same Message reference number is found in the
deliver status report from the SMSC which can be used
to corelate the Submits and DeliverReports.

But GSM modem/phone rotates the Message reference
number from 0-255. Hence it should be intelligently
used to corelate the submits and reports.

 Pawel Kot wrote:On Sat, 23 Nov 2002, Martin Krupicka
wrote:> I'm using nokia 6150 with cable connection to
send SMS. When I request> delivery report (using
gnokii or smsd), and the status on phone is pending>
(because I switch off the destination phone), gnokii
and smsd show me the> report as delivered. It is
possible to distinguish between these states?Sure. In
fact it should work as you would like to. In fact I
think itwork(ed) for me.> And second question, I read
the sms specifications and found, that phone> sets
some message id to be able to pair delivery reports
with sent messages.> Is something similar possible
with gnokii?No, as I haven't seen yet a phone that
would do some kind of reasonablesetting msgid to show
us with which message is delivery report
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