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Re: PCI based GSM cards

From: Tijmen Stam
Subject: Re: PCI based GSM cards
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 21:48:37 +0100

Eduardo Spremolla wrote:

> An OEM module is just the board of the phone, with a connector where you
> supply 5V @ 1A and the serial port with 3.6 V levels. You need to add
> the case, the power supply  , the rs232 level convertors ( max232 ) and
> a suitable antenna.I don't know if it works with gnokki , but accepts AT
> commands at 9600,n,8,1

If you can find a nokia OEM board it probably works with gnokii too... but
as i suspect these are specialized components, it will probably be cheaper
to buy an extra phone (such as 3310 which is fairly cheap...)

But there might be one problem with that: I noticed that my battery was
near empty while I was calling. I plugged in a charger but the phone
switched off anyway some seconds later, and this happenned twice more as
someone was re-calling me again. Thic can have two causes:
1. The phone only operates off battery power, the charger only charges the
battery... in this case the phone will switch off when calling drains the
battery faster than the charger can fill it up...
2. The charger does not supply enough power to actually make a phonecall,
thus in effect you have two power sources: the charger and the battery...

In my case at least the latter applies, becaus netmonitor tells me I use
440 mA (or is it mAH?) when calling (menu 23) and on the charger it sais
output is 335 mA, in which case the battery still has to supply 440 - 335 =
105 mA + any mA lost in the charging circuit and so calling with the
original adaptor inserted will only cive you 4 times the original talking
time (440/105 mA = 4).

This probably can be solved by a stronger charger (I have a custom charger
with a voltage selector wich can give 1A of output power... Though 3V
wouldn't be enough, and I don't know 4.5V is too much... Probably not, but
I wouldn't bet my phone on it... (I.e. I'm not going to break my phone
unless I can see huge sparks and or poisonous smokes/fumes coming from
it... But then I prefer trying a friends' ;-)  but... somewhere in the
netmonitor it is saying that the phone is charged with "pulse current". Is
this caused by the charger or by the phone charging cirquit?)

Owww, that was a 5 on the scale of off-topicness....

>From Tijmen Stam - "I believe in Linux" - address@hidden

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