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Re: gnokii daemon, etc

From: Carlos Fernandez Sanz
Subject: Re: gnokii daemon, etc
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 10:34:56 +0100

> > I don't need a full AT command set implementation. As a matter of fact,
> > long as I can send SMS' as quickly as the cell phone can take them it's
> > with me - at least initially I don't plan to emulate a modem, but just
> > implement a small device driver that takes the SMS data in a plain text
> > format (something as trivial as number:text\n would be fine) and sends
> > through the cell phone.
> So maybe you need smsd? Ism't it enough for you?

SMSD requires a AT capable phone.
BTW, gnokii takes a long time to open the connection with the phone (nokia
3310) it possible to open the connection, send a batch of SMS and close
it? Is there something in the nokia protocol that prevents it?

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