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Re: Bluetooth

From: Ranulf Doswell
Subject: Re: Bluetooth
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 19:34:56 -0000

Subject: Re: Bluetooth

> > I have a Nokia 6310 and an ACER USB BT adapter BT500 @ work and some
> > time to spare. I'm willing to be a BT tester if anybody needs me ;)
> Cool, I'll prepare the patches for the Bluetooth, commit them to CVS and
> let you know.

I also am interested in Bluetooth on a 6310, particularly uploading MIDlets.
Having experiemented a bit using Hyperterminal, though, it seems that going
a DLR-9 cable, PC Suite uses AT*NOKIAFBUS to enable FBUS, but this command
is not valid with BT. Most of the regular GSM commands seem to work, but I'm
more interested in uploading apps.

Anyway, I'm also keen to test Bluetooth stuff, and also see if there is any
way around this restriction (it's possible with PC Suite using a Nokia BT
kit, so there must be a way of enabling FBUS over BT)


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