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Re: 7650 and IrDA ???

From: Herbert Demmel
Subject: Re: 7650 and IrDA ???
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 12:48:29 +0100

At 18:14 07.11.2002 +0800, you wrote:
hi Herbert,
I still dont kown what's the meaning of the following code frame
after i connected 7650:(

This is what I expected :-(((

yes, i think 7650 use another protocol.but it seem different from OBEX.

Hmmm, my test gave different results: I have an external IrDA adapter connected to the serial port and I spy via "hardware". That means I connect the RX and the TX pin to the RX pin of two additional COM ports and trace the serial communcation with a commercial application under Windows, write the data stream to a file and then analyze the FBUS (not in this case :-() data stream with a special program written by myself. As I could not find any valid FBUS frames in the data stream I had a look to the hex data and found "OBEX:IrXfer" there, which seems to be the way the PC-Suite communcates with this handset. After digging into the Symbios documentation I found out, that they *do* support Obex (but they also support mRouter among others).

I'm tring to decode the connect string --it's very strange. (e.g.the first frame i accepted from 7650 when it connected my serverapp is
7E FF 7D 23 C0 21 7D 21
7D 21 7D 20 7D 34 7D 25
7D 26 DD 26 6A E1 7D 22
7D 26 7D 20 7D 20 7D 20
7D 20 7D 27 7D 22 7D 28
7D 22 7D 23 22 7E
a little different every time, and now i still have no idea of the meaning about them:(
do u have any advices?
i have thought it uses OBEX+symcML...but i seems more complex

My aproach would be to write a Obex spy (as the Obex frames are well documented) analysing the raw data captured from the IrDA device on the one side and - on the other side - have a nearer look for the documentations which may be available from Symbios (as Nokia did not add that much to the Symbios kernel for the 7650 - they even support GSM, SMS and other things directly via the kernel and even bluetooth, but without the audio profile - this is the reason why you can not connect with a bluetooth headset with the 7650 (Symbios does not support this profile and Nokia did not add something to the kernel as far as I can see that).

But having all the data stream analyzed and implemented which is running on the PC-Suite does not help that much: The PC-Suite does *nothing* with real time events - so you can not send a SMS via the software, you do not have information about the status of the phone ....

Symbios seems to support file i/o related things in their kernel only, this might be the reason why there is nothing beyond that in the PC-Suite.

the nokia pc-suite use a Router between the mobile and application(that's why we connect 7650 using "mRouter")

Yes, I know, I *only* work under Windows (because of my commercial application Cellular Essentials - see at )

What next?


the mode connecting 7650(in fact it's 7650 connect your application!) is different.
you should set up a server to listen (here the mobile is a client device)
the test code:

SOCKADDR_IRDA ServSockAddr = { AF_IRDA, 0, 0, 0, 0, "mRouter" };

if(SOCKET_ERROR==bind(ServerSock,(const struct sockaddr *) &ServSockAddr,sizeof(SOCKADDR_IRDA)))

That is very, very interesting! Did you find sensefull frames (e.g. the ones used for 6510) and can you e.g. read the phone book with this setting???

That would be very great!

Please tell me the resulst of your testings. Thank you in advance.


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