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For Hans-Cees Speel <address@hidden>

From: 013electro
Subject: For Hans-Cees Speel <address@hidden>
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 05:19:02 -0800

I'm sorry but since mail for address@hidden bounces

>   ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
> <"Hans-Cees Speel <address@hidden>">
>     (reason: addressee unknown)
I'm posting this message here:

Hello Hans-Cees,

Tuesday, November 5, 2002, 8:37:26 PM, you wrote:

HCS> Hi,

HCS> I have exactly the same phone and usb adapter. 

HCS> Do you havew it working  with bluetooth? Can you dial into your isp with 

HCS> You would do me a trmendous favour by explaining the steps you took to 
HCS> that!

Yes, I have in Windows.

Open windows explorer and go to "My bluetooth places". Choose
"Bluetooth/Device configuration"

Tab  "General", make sure "Security mode" (on the bottom of the
window) is set to "Medium"'

Tab "local services", double click on "Dial-up networking". In the
small window that opens, make sure only  "Startup" is checked.

Close the bluetooth configuration window by clicking "OK".

Enable BT in 6310.

Now  in "My bluetooth Places" open "Entire Bluetooth neighbourhood"
and wait until it finds your phone. When a small phone icon appears,
it means that your phone has been found. Right-click on it and choose
"Pair device". Enter a passkey (numbers only!) and click "OK". The
phone will ask you "Pair with <your_computer_name_here> ?". Choose
"Accept" and enter the passkey. The phone will say "Paired with
<your_computer_name_here>" and then "Disconnected
<your_computer_name_here>". After about 10secs the computer will say
something like "Unable to authenticate with <your_phone_name_here>".
Ignore it, but make sure the small icon in "Entire Bluetooth
neighbourhood" has a small black circle with a checkmark in it in the upper
left corner. Go to the BT menu in 6310 and choose "View paired
devices", it should display your computer name. The devices are

Now in "Entire Bluetooth neighbourhood" choose the icon representing
your phone and then in  the right pane double click on "Dial-up
networking". The computer will display a small window about connecting
the dial-up service, at the same time the  phone will ask "Connect
with <your_computer_name_here>?". Choose "Accept". After that, a
standard dial-up window will appear, and the phone icon in "Entire
Bluetooth neighbourhood" will turn green -> the connection has been

Proceed as you would with a standard dial-up connection, but MAKE SURE
you have data services enabled with your mobile operator, otherwise
you will not be able to make data calls.

Hope that helps,

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