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Re: does anybody knows how to get phonebooks and messages from 7650

From: Herbert Demmel
Subject: Re: does anybody knows how to get phonebooks and messages from 7650
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 11:13:06 +0100

At 15:33 05.11.2002 +0800, you wrote:
it seems it uses a totally different protocol from fbus.i use a tool spy on all the communications between it and the nokia pc suit,but i can't understand it.anyone can help???

Not really. The 7650 runs under Symbios, so even the communication via IrDA can not be done via the standard "Nokia:PhoNet" way (it is rejected). As far as I have seen, the protocol used is Obex (this is a well documented protocol for file transfer like FTP, and there are also some free Linux packages for this protocol), but I do not know anything about the undelaying file structures. Even worse, the PC-Suite from Nokia performs file related functions only (e.g. reading/writing the phone book) and does not do anything with e.g. sending a SMS message (in fact, no real time actions like getting battery status, reports about received SMS messages, etc. are done via the PC-Suite), so I do not have any idea where to get the neccessary commands from, because if you can not spy into an existing program you can not "invent" the commands you would need.

So far, so bad. I've *no* further idea how to find out the neccessary commands, even when I would invest a 1/2 man year (this is my estimation to make our commercial application Cellular Essentials compatible to the Obex protocol - without having the commands to send SMS messages etc).

Has anybody an idea what to do?


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