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gnokii + nokia 8310 via IRDA = GPRS over WAP --> any success so far ??

From: Hans Neukomm
Subject: gnokii + nokia 8310 via IRDA = GPRS over WAP --> any success so far ???
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 12:20:04 +0800
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hi all

since months i try every once in a while again and again - hours or half days 
- downloading and searching for NEWEST online info and drivers - so far ZERO 
success ...

1. to get IR running on my linux with Toshiba satellite pro 6000 ( using all 
the available info and drivers !!! - no success so far - i can't even get my 
linux box to recognize any other IR signal ...

2. and the final result - why i actually purchased my nokia 8310 would be to 
run my Toshiba with gnokii using the HERE ( in the Philippines ) available 
GPRS over WAP  for F R E E  online access for my work as an www author.

so my question is ( before i actually invest/(waste ?) more time on a lost 
cause ?? 

---> has anyone running a nokia 8310 successfully using gnokii ??
---> may be using an IR connection to a notebook - even better Toshiba ??

!!!   O R

also helpful  ...

does anyone have a final NEGATIVE experience showing that such is NOT possible 
at this time of development ?? !!

any precise experience would be appreciated and welcome ;-))


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