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RE: Tekram IR-210B & 6110 - Hopeless?

From: gnokii
Subject: RE: Tekram IR-210B & 6110 - Hopeless?
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 05:19:44 -0700

>From "Szabo, Tamas" <address@hidden> on 8 Sep 2002:

> Hi,
> I've same problem. I have no solution (yet?). See mails regarding "6150
> through infrared"

I haven't followed this thread from the beginning, but I have a 6150 working in 
gnkoii through a TFDS 4500 IrDA tranciever which I added to my MB (Chaintech 

connection = infrared, com port set to the one TFDS is using.

Contact me if you feel I can be of an assistance...

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