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Re: JavaPhone project

From: Joshua Rubingh
Subject: Re: JavaPhone project
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 08:00:12 +0200
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Hi... I am currently developing games for the Nokia 6310i.
And I use MIDP (J2MEE) structure. And Nokia added some classes of them self for vibration, sound and lights..... You can read/send sms with it, but that's also the max of the Java classes. As fat I know is there no abillity to do voice call of what so ever.

But what is that about MicroReader. I heard it once... but don't know what it is...

I am willing to help.... But need more information...

Joshua Rubingh

B Judd wrote:

I have a 6310i and am willing to run any test you want on it...

However you will have to be expicit on how you want me to run it. I will be
a technician you can be the engineer.

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Subject: JavaPhone project


I created javaphone project on sourceforge. Its aim is to develop java
software usable on cellphones.

Right now, following programs are in:
* calc -- scientific calculator. Mostly usable.
* isearch -- t9 search for your phonebook. Also mostly usable.
* tinybasic -- well, BASIC. Unfinished.
* few games (asteroids, worm, arkanoid)

I've created abstraction for hiding phone-dependend stuff (like keycodes,
way to vibrate, etc). I can currently handle generic phone, Java Gray phone
and siemens sl45i. I'd like someone to add support for Nokia phones (should
be real easy). I need help with writing apps; maybe we can get MicroReader
sources if we promise to port it to nokia. (Believe me, you *want*

I'd also like to know few things:

can java on N6310i
*) invoke arbitrary at commands?
*) read sms-es?
*) start voice calls?
*) see service-menu stuff?
*) anything more?
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