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Gnokii SMSD Dependencies

From: Federico Sevilla III
Subject: Gnokii SMSD Dependencies
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 22:42:35 +0800
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Hi everyone,

I'm currently collaborating with Bradley Marshall who maintains the
Debian package for gnokii, to be able to package Gnokii's SMSD. I had
previously mistaken SMSD as the one from SMSTools[1], which does not
support most mobile phones, only GSM modems.


I have a few questions (to start with) that I need to resolve for the
Debian package that I hope the Gnokii development team can spare me some
time on. I apologize if some of them are very basic.

    - Does Gnokii's SMSD require Gnokii to be installed? Or is it
      self-contained as far as the Gnokii libraries are concerned?

    - Does Gnokii's SMSD requier PostgreSQL or MySQL libraries to be
      installed? Or is it self-contained as far as the and are concerned?

    - How stable is Gnokii's SMSD? Could it be rated to be "as stable as
      Gnokii"? Does it support all the phones that Gnokii supports?

Thank you very much in advance.

 --> Jijo

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