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Creating logos (7110)

From: Jussi Aalto
Subject: Creating logos (7110)
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 21:47:12 +0300
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Has anybody else noticed this with 7110 (or other Nokia models)? I created a 
startup logo which contains a 10x10 pixel square (nothing else). Saved to 
phone and restarted it. When the startup logo appears it looks like something 
else than a symmetric 10x10 square. So I took a closer look at the phones 
display. It appears that in 7110 one pixel is not a square (ie. it's height 
is greater than width). Could it be possible to redesign the logo editor so 
that the logo you draw with the editor looks the same after transferred to 
phone? I was greatly disappointed when I made a nice Tux startup logo and on 
the phones display it looks like it has gone through some sort of medieval 
stretching bench.


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