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From: Ralph Willekes
Subject: Nokia MBUS/FBUS
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 19:30:58 +0200

I saw that you have done some things with Nokia's and communications, do you have some info for me? I want to build a GSM into an old house telephone. I have some AVR's that I need for this project (2313). What I want to know is:
Should I use MBUS of FBUS for sending commando's to my Nokia?
Can I dial numbers via this interface and have a non-data (speach) connection?
In some schematics I find MBUS connected to RX, in some to TX, wich one is right?
Can I just send ASCII :ATD+31623336754 to the phone if I want to call
+31 6 23336754?
Please help me, I don't know much about phone communications. If you want to know something about other elektronics, please mail, I will help you...
Ralph Willekes

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