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Help with voice call control !

From: Kari . Salomaa
Subject: Help with voice call control !
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 08:57:46 +0300

Hello there !

Can someone help with this matter:

I'd like to control voice calls (Nokia 6210) via the serial port. I have a
situation where a headset mic/earphone is used but the gsm keys can not be
operated by hand. Instead, I have a small microcontroller-based unit with
serial port. I need only the very basic functions:
  -to "open the line" (answer to incoming call)
  -to make a call. (preferably utilising the pre-programmed phone numbers
inside 6210, but the actual phone number can also come from my
microcontroller unit)
-"close the line" after phone conversation.

I tried by sending some AT-commands (like "atdt12345" ). It worked (6210
called to number 12345) , but no voice connection was established.

1. What commands should I send ?   Is it possible with AT commands, or are
some F-bus specific commands needed ?
2. Any tricks needed to hardware (at the mulpole connector of 6210) ?
3. If this is not possible with 6210 then is it possible/easier with some
other gsm phone ?

Please give me some help with this !

-Kari Salomaa

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