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Re: Nokia 8310: Supported? xgnokii SMS deletion fails.

From: Markus Plail
Subject: Re: Nokia 8310: Supported? xgnokii SMS deletion fails.
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 17:43:38 +0200
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Hi there!

* Pawel Kot writes:
>On 16 Aug 2002, svante eriksson wrote:

>Markus, what's the status on the SMS delete with nk6510 driver?

Status is: should work

>>I did not find much information on the level of the 8310 support in
>>the documentation, but some other features seem to work well.  My
>>question is basically if someone's actually working on making gnokii
>>work with the 8310.  Should I expect all features in gnokii/xgnokii to
>>work?  Is the 8310 sufficiently similar to any other (maintained)
>>model to use that model id instead (while 8310 support is being

>Well, 8310 is supported by nk6510 driver which is maintained by
>Markus. As you can see Markus uses Nokia 6510 for this but apparently
>the protocol used is the same. Having Nokia 6310 I also provide some
>functionality to this driver. Unfortunately Markus' phone is currently
>in the service and I'm quite busy with other things (non-gnokii and
>gnokii API), so the development has a bit slow down at the moment. Not
>for long I think.

Yep. Development will be back at full speed in mid september. Will be
in vacation the first two weeks in September.


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