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Re: Problem with Nokia 5110 and the sendsms comand (GNOKII Version 0.4.3

From: Daniel Intrup
Subject: Re: Problem with Nokia 5110 and the sendsms comand (GNOKII Version 0.4.3)
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 10:29:45 +0200

>>> i got a Nokia 5110 and using gnokii v0.4.3 and everything is fine but
>>> sendsms command
>>> is not working. if i try to send a SMS with gnokii I get the Error
>>> Failed"
>>> Everything else is working (dialvoice, identify for example)
>> There's a problem with SMSC reading. I'll try to trace it and send the
>> today.
>Could you please tell me what format is set for your default SMSC?
>BTW. sendsms should work for you when you give SMSC number by hand.

Sorry I don't know the format, the Problem is that the Cellphone is about
30km away (I tested gnokii with
another Cellphone at home and thought it would work with the other phone)

I tried to give the smsc number by hand but it didn't work either, the
0.4.2a was getting an error (sorry I have
no debug output or a better description by now)  and the 0.4.3 is showing me
the help to the sendsms command

btw i don't know if it's the same problem or another but the --smsreader
options shows me the first sms and then
a "Segmentation fault" but i know that there are more than one sms on the

ps sorry for my terrible english ;-)

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