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[gcmd-dev] Continuous integration of Gnome Commander builds with Travis

From: Uwe Scholz
Subject: [gcmd-dev] Continuous integration of Gnome Commander builds with Travis
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2017 18:00:26 +0200


nearly a year ago I already implemented the continuous integration of
Gcmd builds in Travis. But I stopped this somewhat later as of reasons
I cannot remember anymore. ^…^

Yesterday, I set up the build on Travis up again, and the status of the
current build can be seen on the small "build" badge on the right of
our dev page: https://gcmd.github.io/dev.html

Currently it shows that the last build of Gcmd passed, which is good.
You can click on the badge and will get to the Travis build log of the
Gnome Commander repository.

You might ask:

"What does Travis actually do, and where are the benefits?"

Travis is a service which is connected to the master branch of the Gcmd
repository on github (https://github.com/gcmd/gnome-commander)

Each time a commit is pushed into the master branch, Travis will
execute the command(s) in the repository file ".travis.yml". In this
file currently only one command is set up: "docker build ."

This means, a new docker image is created from the top level directoy
of the repository in every travis run. The build instructions of this
image are found in the file "Dockerfile" of the Gcmd repository(*).

Currently, the Dockerfile will lead to a compilation of the Gnome
Commander sources in a Ubuntu 17.04 base image, after all build
dependencies are installed. We might even enhance this file to do a
"make distcheck" each time. If this fails, I will be informed by Travis
immediately via email.

Furthermore, when someone wants to merge his code changes into the
master branch of the Gcmd repo on GitHub, travis will also start a
build with these changes. If the build fails I would get an email
alarming me and I can inform and ask the one who requested the
merge to repair his code first.

Best wishes


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