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[gcmd-dev] my wee idea: Directory sizes (space used within)

From: Pete
Subject: [gcmd-dev] my wee idea: Directory sizes (space used within)
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 03:39:03 +0000

Having been happily using various file-managers, and Gnome-Commander has
been far the most superior.

Now I have one little idea, and i think it would be most welcome. Its quite
a simple, but VERY VERY useful.

Back when I was using Amiga, we had Magellan as our file-manager. Within
this, there was a setting, and it allowed you to see the directory sizes.
This is the space used within the directories, as in, the size used with
all the files sizes inside that director added together. This would be in
real-time of course, any changes detected elsewhere, it would be simply
updated.. You could also obviously sort them by sizes. Being able to see
the space used per directory is more useful than you could imagine, until
you try it for yourself.

I have not ever found another file-manager with this unique option. Answers
I get the most is "oh it would be CPU intensive". I just never mention that
I used it on a 14MhZ computer twenty years ago!.. The closest I have gotten
to one is one of your competitors, but that only come from a menu
selection, and it is not real-time nor is it convenient.

I look forward to the replies.

NB, if this is implemented, do I get credit? OF course, in return, we will
see a review in www.n00bsonUbuntu.net which I was hoping to do anyway! ;)

eruditio victus spiritus quod res altum per Linux
learning, living, breathing, and being nourished by Linux

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