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[gcmd-dev] gcmd-1-3 discontinued

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: [gcmd-dev] gcmd-1-3 discontinued
Date: Sat, 05 Jun 2010 13:22:48 +0200

Hi folks,

I've decided to abandon gcmd-1-3 branch. It was planned to be a proving
ground for new ideas, but in fact it merely copied patches from master
branch. Maintaining this situation has been quite difficult for some
time as gcmd-1-3 does not have docs updates, and many commits have
required manual adjustments.

gcmd-1-3 contains now code for vte and Magnus' script for mime type
handling. The first one has been already incorporated into the new 'vte'
branch, the latter will be rewritten in C++ for better integration with
gcmd. I am going to make it happen before the next release.

New versioning scheme

All bug fixes to gcdm 1.2.8.x will go obviously into, which
likely will be the last one in the series.
The next major release will be 1.4 (instead of previously declared
1.2.9). The release will be shipped with tabs support and mime type

And the next step is transition from GnomeVFS to GIO/gvfs, what should
result in version 2.0.


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