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Re: [gcmd-dev] advrename

From: Piotr Eljasiak
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] advrename
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2010 19:23:31 +0100

> That's cool. 
> Yes i know regexpr, but i didn't see the solution. Quite sophisticated IMHO.
> I'm thinking about how to sell that to average users. I mean, it's totally ok 
> to have regexpr alone, and require users to work it out or ask someone. And 
> maybe there could be a educating gcmd advrename examples page online.
> But still, wouldn't it be a plus if it could be eased for nords (non-nerds) 
> however ?
> Take, for example, that plus :) the analog case would be "([^\+]+)\+(.+)\." 
> for file structure
>  $Pattern1"+"$Pattern2".ext". Now i could store all the searches for all 
> possible cases of that structure. But  easy if there would be a way to store 
> just the above regexpr with a $variable instead, like
> p1="_" and search for "([^$p1]+)$p1(.+)\." 
> and when this would work, i could setup generic variables for the other parts 
> like 
> p2=([^$p1]+) and p3=(.+)\. and then go ahead and reuse that in the final 
> search $p2$p1$p3 and then after storing i could reuse it as template. I could 
> call it "Cut part to p1" and then just need to fill in p1 to reuse it for 
> other any chars. Maybe the underlying advrename 'engine' could care for any 
> escapes (\) too.
> At this point, one needs to ask what is it good for anyway since it's even 
> more complicated than the pure regexpr (besides that it requires completely 
> new code) ? Well i think that such searches could be downloaded as templates 
> from the website, and even nords would understand how to fill in just p1.
> There could be much complex regexpr with a comprehensive title, in the 
> download file, where users only need to fill in the actual characters, they 
> don't need to create or understand the patterns.

Yes, I admit it looks like a bit geeky, but it always does this way when
it comes to regexes...

I would rather not introduce any new syntax to regexes - regex patterns
are standardized, and it's difficult to find a description of how they
can be used. Adding extra staff will break the comparability and make
their usage more difficult.

But you are, of course, right about the necessity of simplifying of
regex usage... IMO the are two things, that could be done in this area:

     1. adding some 'menu-buttons' (the same like for tag insertion in
        advrename) for faster access to some regex goodies
     2. importing from online library of some cool advrename templates

What about it?

> Apropos: You did not ask what mimetype .msv is :)

What mime type .msv is ?

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