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[gcmd-dev] OT: What can synchronizing do ?

From: Michael
Subject: [gcmd-dev] OT: What can synchronizing do ?
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 22:04:14 +0200
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I've a question which is not strictly gcmd related. However, i try to figure if 
i could use the sync feature (via meld) too. 

Am i right that syncing basically updates both directories with either latest 
version ?

I've never tried it so far, because, working on two machines (Laptop and PC),  
i often rename files on both machines. Moreover, there's some backup systems 
for both of them, mainly external storage devices.

It happens that i need to ask myself, did i already copy the latest version 
over, or did i accidently modified some old file versions on laptop while the 
PC version already was different.
Of course, it's mainly a backlog problem, i just can't keep up with my own work.

I assume if i tried syncing then i would be ending up with redundant files 
(except for the filename) and it's left to me to figure which one is more 

Finally i introduced obligate changelogs in all my files, and media folders and 
filenames of course  include the creation date. (mtime and ctime are not that 
reliable when dealing with multiple and possibly reverse copy actions between 
network and several storage devices)
Still i wonder what syncing can do. Can it track file identity even with 
different filenames ? Can it merge different versions and how reliable would 
that be, say, in case of a plain text file (i would not expect it to merge data 

Don't tell me i need the google desk :)

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