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Re: [gcmd-dev] GTK features

From: Michael
Subject: Re: [gcmd-dev] GTK features
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 02:42:00 +0200
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>  >> I've been using this feature for quite some time now, and I've onyl
>  >> noticed one issue.
>  >> If I'm connected to remote system (SSH for me), and then do a CTRL+. on
>  >> that side, the dropdown-menu keeps indicating the remote system. Some
>  >> strange behaviour follows - when going up one level focus gets to ".."
>  >> instead staying on previous directory.
>  >
>  >Fixed, rev. #1899
>  >
>  >Please do test,
>  >Piotr
> Did a quick test and it seams to be fixed! Great work... ;)
>  >> Also, a co-worker asked me to relay a feature request: could it be
>  >> possible to hide the bar with dropdown & free space indication? Its
>  >> eating a lot of screen with no real value for some of us...
>  >
>  >IMHO that belongs gcmd 2.0... Hmmm, even free space indicator?
> Yeah! Free space indicator too - they are on the same line anyway, so 
> there is no point in removing dropdown only ;)

I 2nd that, it would be cool. I rarely use free space (and if then i can call 
the Properties window) and rather set up device icons, than using the drop 
down. But i agree it should be optional.

It's a gtk feature and i know Piotr does not like GTK hacking very much. But at 
least it could be added to the TODO file, no ?

GTK is when you resize a widget it has to negotiate with the other widgets 
which have to kindly ask some icons to go out of the way, but not all are 
listening, while some input fields are in a huff because noone told them at 
all, and refuse anything, and finally things get sorted out but just fast 
enough to get into the way of the latest user action.


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