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[gcmd-dev] NASA hosting GCMD homepage ?

From: GCMD news channel
Subject: [gcmd-dev] NASA hosting GCMD homepage ?
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2007 05:44:23 +0100
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Dear friends,

Do you remember NASA not only deploys gcmd in Houston, but also in the orbiting 
International Space Station ? Now i thought that's good reason to ask them for 
a some resources, at least some serverspace for gcmd homepage.
And take a deep breathe they were absolutely supportive !!!

First of all, they put up contact formular 

After reviewing the importance of gcmd in daily workflow (or should i say, 
nightly spaceflow?) they instantly offered also some developer resources !!!

They plan a new python plugin to steer the ISS robotic arm, and (for coolness) 
streamed-movie live-thumbnail view with 8D-Sound support.

They already put together lots of awesome GUI themes straight upon the main page

It makes you dizzy, no ?!


ps. And the best of all, if you forgot the address, no problem ! 
Just google for: gcmd homepage.

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