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[gcmd-dev] Internal-Viewer iconr request

From: A. Gordon
Subject: [gcmd-dev] Internal-Viewer iconr request
Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 01:39:56 +0300
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Hello guys,

I have a small graphic request: can you make a new icon for the internal viewer, which will be based on gcmd's diskette icon, but with some added element, that would indicate this is a viewer window and not the main window ?

What happens now, is that I open several viewer windows, and when I press ALT+TAB, I see many gcmd's diskette icons, and I don't know which is the main window and which are the viewers.

If we had a different icon (something like the blue diskette, with a white square on top of it ?) it will be easier to tell viewer windows from the main window.

What do you think ?


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