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[gcmd-dev] Empty cmd dir indicator bug fix

From: bebos
Subject: [gcmd-dev] Empty cmd dir indicator bug fix
Date: Sun, 28 May 2006 15:24:51 +0300

this is a simple patch fix the next bug:
sometimes it is happen that cmd dir indicator is empty
and a number of slash positions should to be set to zero,
but the code in gnome_cmd_dir_indicator_set_dir function does not
care about and just leave a previous value. Code in
on_dir_indicator_clicked will try to read a memory which is not
allocated, that cause a crash.

--- gnome-commander-1.2.0/src/gnome-cmd-dir-indicator.c
2006-04-18 20:56:52.000000000 +0300 +++
gc/src/gnome-cmd-dir-indicator.c        2006-05-28 14:27:30.000000000
+0300 @@ -634,7 +634,10 @@ numSlashes++;
         indicator->priv->numPositions = numSlashes;
+    else {
+       indicator->priv->numPositions = 0;
+    }
     g_free (s);
regards, Dima <address@hidden>

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