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[gcmd-dev] Re: screenshot

From: Micha
Subject: [gcmd-dev] Re: screenshot
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 16:31:13 +0200
User-agent: Alpengl├╝hn 7.2

| I hate new windows (just imagine what i feel about
| nautilus default behaviour...).


ok, ok !  I can live with that :)

And i will not start a war on that.
(i wouldn't try to dispute with you at all if you're so furious ! :)

And i even agree with you widely. I'm used to tabbed browsing, 
too. However, there were some rare cases when i enjoyed that 
feature on websites. For example, 'help' buttons (eg, in web 
interfaces, say online-banking or router configuration) should be 
opened in a new tab/window so you can quick compare what it says, 
with the window it's about. I do not always remember to middle-click 
such buttons, and i'm glad if the site cares for it itself.

But ok, this is another case.

It's just, once you get used to the feature, you start to be lazy...
"hey, let the website do the thinking about what's the right way to open 
their links." I admit that stopping thinking myself is not exactly what i 
really want to do. It's like the macromedia or quicktime stuff, once it's 
available you easily can get used to it....like coffee or cigarettes.. 
or Hollywood movies...the supermarket next corner.... 

That's not only lazyness.
In biology, we know a phenomenon called supernatural sign-stimulus...
something you normally can't really avoid about to get addicted, only by 
avoiding any contact or knowledge at all. Justbecause biology didn't prepare
you to defend against it, because it normally shouldn't exist in nature, at 
not regularily.

There are 2 classical experiments about lazyness, and SST:
1. Put an ridiculous big-sized plastic egg under a breeding swallow, and she 
always forget her own eggs.
2. Put frogs in a hot water vessel, and they will imediately jump out; however, 
if you 
put them into a cold water vessel and heat that up slowley, they will stay 
until they 
collapse and dy.

Isn't that depressing, somehow.

Hey, i just mistyped 'somehwo' here and wondered why.
Then i thought about your 'hwo' thing.
All this kind of stuff is probably caused by my 'two-finger-typing` 
(my system is rather 6 finger, though, and maybe i've less problems
since i played piano for some years). However, for some very common 
words (or dialy passwords) you can learn a pattern, and apply a special 
finger combination. Like a chinese word glyphe compared to serial letteres
building a word.
In this case, you can imagine a mouth which bends into smiling from the
left to the right (w-h-o), you first set ll three fingers on the keys and then
just *enjoy* to make it smile. If your fingers are in position you can type as 
you were drumming a nice beat :)

I'm crazy right ?

I can't help i just enjoy to think about learning, it's because i'm such a 
clotheared nincompoops i have to do that every day to be allowed to live
out of the loony house.

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