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[gcmd-dev] Re: autogen: missing M4 macros

From: Micha
Subject: [gcmd-dev] Re: autogen: missing M4 macros
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 05:22:57 +0200
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checking for automake >= 1.8...
  testing automake-1.8... not found.
  testing automake-1.9... not found.
***Error***: You must have automake >= 1.8 installed

| i had automke1.4, it never got upgraded since their weird naming

"Automake 1.9 fails to work in a number of situations that Automake
 1.4, 1.6, 1.7 and 1.8 did, so has been renamed so that the previous
 version can continue to be made available."

There's the generic meta package "automake" 
(and alternatively "automaken" which is quite confusing)
but they are not installable, just referring to automake1.4.

Question: Is this 1.4 one still necessary even if 1.9 is installed ? 

I deinstalled 1.4 for now. Let's see. ok, so here we go....
it's compiling now. i attach the first part of the log so far.
The make part contains many errors.

Another question: 
Do i really need to still run 'configure' after 'autogen' ?
Looks like this is redundant...


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