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[Gcl-devel] Re: release notes

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Re: release notes
Date: Wed, 04 Mar 2009 18:15:37 -0500

Greetings!  Here is the relevant list from debian/changelog.  I hope
this is not too cryptic.  Will likely need some clarification.

  * New upstream release
  * fdollars in identifiers and gcc 4.0 for arm
  * Fix 64bit fixnum coersion bug using code from cvs HEAD
  * 64bit fixnum fasd data format fix from cvs head
  * Fix long-call gcc configure bug for ppc
  * revert 64bit coersion (gmp_big.c, maybe_replace_big) and replace with
    code in siLnani (main.c) to get addresses from bignums.  2.7.0 will
    have 64bit fixnums on 64bit machines, but this should not be
    backported to 2.6.x
  * Remove gcc-3.3 for arm in debian/rules
  * make default maxpage depend on SIZEOF_LONG and PAGEWIDTH in a sane
  * Fix read-char-no-hang
  * Strip emacs warnings when finding site-lisp directory
  * mach-o update for latest binutils
  * Latext bfd mach-o support from Aurelien
  * revert to locbfd default on ppc-macosx
  * More ppc macosx fixes from Aurelien
  * revert a few macosx changes
  * default to void * prototype on my_sbrk for latest macosx pending
    Aureliens #ifdef
  * Fix plt.h parsing on macosx
  * Fix leading_underscore detection on mac
  * macosx name mangling fixes
  * multi-process safe gazonk names in compiler::*tmp-dir*
  * Add underscore-mangled setjmp calls to plttest.c for macosx
  * Fix POTFILES.in, Closes: #336207.
  * Update templates, Closes: #324636
  * New French and Swedish translations, Closes: #333654, Closes: #336757.
  * Add feof to plttest.c for macosx
  * Cleanup LEADING_UNDERSCORE case in plt.c et.al for macosx et.al.
  * pass devices if present in compiler::get-temp-dir, fix disassemble
    for new gazonk name pattern
  * fix configure
  * Add mount declaration to plt.c
  * Use internal gettext for bfd
  * Restore xgcl2
  * Set compiler::*tmp-dir* at runtime
  * report tmp-dir setting with system-banner to enable clean -eval -
    batch operation; fix listen on socket streams; use (abs (getpid)) in
    tmp names for Windows
  * fix configure unbalanced quotes
  * support for bignums in nth et.al.
  * Fix branch cut of atanh
  * Fix typep on simple-arrays
  * prevent nested free errors
  * revert atanh branch cut change
  * Fix function documentation wrapping by compile
  * cond evalmacro from cvs head
  * Fix fixnum declarations in new smallnthcdr/bignthcdr
  * fix simple-array typep
  * updates for lsp/sys-proclaim
  * fix read-char-no-hang
  * string comparison functions are not predicates
  * xgcl integration
  * Add missing build dependencies, omit html generation to avoid non-free
    dependencies, CLoses: #372574.
  * Remove references to null constant in gcl_Xinit.lsp
  * Fix cs.po
  * update fr and sv po files
  * clean xgcl-2/gmon.out
  * xgcl merge from cvs head
  * cleanup latest gcc warnings
  * defentry C proclamations and xgcl cleanup
  * remove emacs build dependency
  * synch xgcl-2 with Novak edits
  * fix build errors
  * Remove power of two limit to MAXPAGE;fix X lib paths
  * configure cleanup
  * delete-file works on directories;build xgcl the old way;latest xgcl
    from Gordon Novak
  * xgcl upgrade
  * parse_number from cvs head with *read-base* fixes
  * fix object_to_string
  * install xgcl-2/sysdef.lisp
  * fix info dir and emacs site lisp dir installation
  * New xgcl readme
  * Remove bashism from debian/rules
  * Fix dwdoc doc-base error
  * fix ia64 build
  * fix socket write error
  * HAVE_SYS_SOCKIO_H for solaris
  * autolocbfd for solaris
  * no -Wall when no gcc
  * no -fomit-frame-pointer on m68k
  * no profiling on mips
  * $(AWK) instead of awk
  * si::stat function
  * fix 'the boolean type coersion error
  * no varargs on cygwin
  * while eval macro
  * gensym counter fixes
  * xgcl updates
  * fix lstat for mingw
  * backoff to gcc-3.4 on alpha,arm,hppa, and m68k
  * build-dep on gcc3.4 where appropriate
  * Newer standards
  * fix typeo in object_to_string
  * Fix large float read bug in c1constant-value
  * more default stack space
  * unrestricted gcc for alpha
  * si::gettimeofday function for HOL88 build
  * macosx fixes
  * unrestricted gcc for m68k
  * no profiling for hppa, allow C optimization on hppa
  * make sure *tmp-dir* is set
  * makeinfo is optional
  * no C optimization on hppa, gcc 4.x on hppa
  * update cs.po, Closes: #389211
  * static function pointers for hppa
  * Fix leading underscore behavior of my_plt
  * add sqrt to plttest.c
  * disable-nls added to the binutils subconfigures to avoid msgfmt
  * remove -lintl from powerpc-macosx.defs
  * update to make-user-init from cvs head to support hol88, fix link on
  * solaris-i386 support
  * fix read-char-no-hang on mingw
  * fast compile without wrap-literals
  * sigaltstack support
  * fix cerror
  * add read-byte,read-sequence,write-byte,write-sequence support
  * fix some float parsing inaccuracies
  * support GNU_HASH sections, Closes: #426135
  * safety 2 for certain low level functions in gcl_listlib.lsp, CLoses:
  * solaris i386 is little endian
  * drop gcc-3.4 on arm, Closes: #440421
  * Depend on emacs22 | emacsen, Closes: #440190
  * debconf translations Closes: #410683, Closes: #419736, Closes: #423706, 
Closes: #441408
  * statsysbfd in Debian, incoporating modules into libgcl.a for
    compiler::link support
  * Non-maintainer upload to fix pending l10n issues
  * Debconf templates and debian/control reviewed by the debian-l10n-
    english team as part of the Smith review project. Closes: #457025
  * [Debconf translation updates]
    - Portuguese. Closes: #457576
    - Czech. Closes: #457677
    - French. Closes: #458120
    - Finnish. Closes: #458255
    - Galician. Closes: #458529
    - Vietnamese. Closes: #459008
    - Russian. Closes: #459308
    - Dutch. Closes: #459541
    - German. Closes: #459887
  * [Lintian] Correct FSF address in debian/copyright
  * [Lintian] Remove extra whitespaces at the end of
  * [Lintian] Correct section in doc-base documents from Apps/Programming
    to Programming
  * Accept NMU
  * Bug fix: "[INTL:sv] po-debconf file for gcl", thanks to Martin Ă…gren
    (Closes: #492241).
  * Bug fix: "gcl: FTBFS [amd64]: cannot trap sbrk", thanks to Daniel
    Schepler (Closes: #487435).  Modified and applied personality handling
  * Bug fix: "gcl: Builds broken package with gcc-4.3", thanks to Daniel
    Schepler (Closes: #467474).  Added sincos to plttest.c
  * No infinite unrandomization loops
  * gcc 4.2 for mips/mipsel for now
  * __divdi3 et. al. symbols for ia64 and arm
  * clean some compiler warnings
  * default gcc with pic enabled on mips/mipsel
  * more div/rem symbols for arm and hppa
  * more div/rem symbols for alpha
  * redo unrandomize.h to enable compilation under -O2 -- FIXME; Closes: 494153
  * backoff arm opts
  * more careful handling of GCL_GPROF_START
  * proper word order detection macro, fixes armel
  * support newer binutils with output_bfd element
  * Fix 64bit interrupt bug
  * reader error fix

Take care,

Camm Maguire                                        address@hidden
"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."  --  Baha'u'llah

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