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Re: [Gcl-devel] Test of new versions of Gcl for Windows

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] Test of new versions of Gcl for Windows
Date: 24 Feb 2003 11:16:31 -0500
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address@hidden writes:

> Hello Mike,
> I noticed also there is only the info version of the documentation, which 
> is quite OK for Unix users but unusual for Windows users. I would suggest 
> to add also the html version of documentation, or adding a viewer of info 
> files for Windows ? Or maybe adding a few words recalling how to view the 
> info doc with Emacs (and a pointer to the Emacs for NT site) ?

The standard build produces .html docs from the .texi source via
texi2html.  Does this not happen on Windows?

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