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[Gcl-devel] Re: get-decoded-time

From: Peter Wood
Subject: [Gcl-devel] Re: get-decoded-time
Date: Sat, 10 Aug 2002 11:16:10 +0200
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On Fri, Aug 09, 2002 at 09:40:46PM -0400, David Shochat wrote:
> On Fri, 09 Aug 2002 02:31:22 -0400, Peter Wood wrote:
> > 
> > This is configurable with system::*default-time-zone*.  Probably an
> > appropriate value for the system should be set when configuring GCL,
> > instead of the default of 6 which is only OK if you happen to be in
> > or near Austin, Texas :-)
> > 
> Thanks.
> Why doesn't GCL just get it from the OS??

I don't know.

> I have tried putting:
> (setf system::*default-time-zone* 4)
> in sys-init.lsp with that file in the directory given as the value of
> si::*system-directory*. This doesn't work. Am I misreading the docs?

I don't know the 'correct' way to do it, but this line:

   -load /usr/lib/gcl-2.5.0/lsp/preload.lsp \

in the gcl startup script

exec /usr/lib/gcl-2.5.0/unixport/saved_ansi_gcl \
   -dir /usr/lib/gcl-2.5.0/unixport/ \
   -libdir /usr/lib/gcl-2.5.0/ \
   -load /usr/lib/gcl-2.5.0/lsp/preload.lsp \
   -eval '(setq si::*allow-gzipped-file* t)' \
   -eval '(setq si::*tk-library* "")' \
# other options: -load /tmp/foo.o -load jo.lsp -eval "(joe 3)"
#   -eval '(si::init-readline)' \

allows me to specify a sensible init file for gcl (in my home dir).  I
do not think the default of init.lsp in whatever directory Gcl is
started in is a good thing.  It should be in the user's home
directory.  Also, Gcl should load a compiled version of the init file
if it is available.  I can arrange for this in preload.lsp

Then I set things like *default-time-zone* in the init file.

Alternatively, you could edit the value of *default-time-zone* in the
file gcl/unixport/init_gcl.lsp before you build gcl, then you won't
have to fiddle with it again.  On the other hand, you'll have to do
that every time you recompile, in which case you may as well edit
gcl/lsp/top.lsp to load a sensible init file instead of init.lsp.

> My time zone is actually 5, but then I'd need a way to turn on daylight
> savings time. Is there a variable for that too? I couldn't find one.

I don't think so.  According to the hyperspec get-decoded-time is
affected by 'implementation-dependant mechanisms for calculating when
or if daylight savings time is in effect for any given session.'  I
don't know the details of Gcl's means of handling this.

> -- David


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