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[Freetype] Problems with Mac dfont

From: Pavel Studený
Subject: [Freetype] Problems with Mac dfont
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 15:31:03 +0100

I'm trying to use freetype 2.1.5 (the latest version I've seen) on MacOS X
10.2 Jaguar. The function FT_Load_Glyph (called by FT_Load_Char) doesn't
work with the dfont, even when I copied the Courier.dfont to a Windows
machine and tried it there. There should be some problem with memory, since
I've seen in gdb that the face->glyph is strangely overwritten in this
function. I cannot find where it happens. The font is located at
/System/Library/Fonts/Courier.dfont. Here is what gdb says:

(gdb) p face
$7 = 0x510bc0
(gdb) p face->glyph
$8 = 0x512370                 <======= good value
(gdb) n
563           FT_Face_Internal  internal = face->internal;
(gdb) n
567           if ( internal->transform_flags )
(gdb) n
584         if ( !error
(gdb) n
600         return error;
(gdb) p error
$9 = 0
(gdb) p face
$10 = 0x507e10
(gdb) p face->glyph
$11 = 0xf78470aa
(gdb) p face
$12 = 0x507e10
(gdb) p face->glyph
$13 = 0xf78470aa                 <======= strange change

By the way, I'm trying now to use the static library and the linker misses 4
inflate functions from gzip/inflate.c. Do you know why?

Pavel Studeny

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