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Re: Migration of the main FreeType site to SourceForge

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: Migration of the main FreeType site to SourceForge
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 11:11:35 +0200

Hi Werner,

Werner LEMBERG a écrit :
> >   We would probably keep the current machine for keeping a CVS
> >   archive of the web pages, creating the current snapshots and
> >   uploading them automatically to the sourceforge space, etc..
> Basically, I don't care, and it is your money...  But what will happen
> with the domain?  And what about backups of the various
> FreeType repositories?

I think it's probably a lot simpler to keep the domain
on the actual machine. We could do something like:

 - regarding WEB:

     - automatic redirection from to

     - the current machine could automatically all changes to the "www" CVS
       module to the relevant SF "htdocs" directory..

 - regarding CVS:

     - the current CVS tree can be sent to the SourceForge staff to
       update the (obsolete) version that is currently on their
       server, and we could start using it asap.

     - archives of the CVS tree can be downloaded automatically
       for backup to our own machines..

     - I would love to use the SF server for anonymous CVS access
       and keep the current machine for developers access. However,
       it is not possible to automatically update the CVS tree on
       the SF server..

 - regarding mailing lists:

     - use SourceForge mailing lists for "freetype", "devel" & "cvs"

     - we would probably keep the current lists for their archives
       but disallow posting to them (probably add an automatic reply
       to notice the move)

 - regarding FTP:

     - disable anonymous access on the current
       (one of the real bandwidth killer)

     - ask mirrors to use "rsync" to download the ftp tree from
       our current machine, and only keep "stable" stuff there.
       this should dramatically reduce the load..

       (Actually, it seems from the FTP log that we now have
        way more mirrors than what we're currently listing,
        all of these are pumping the "current" snapshots
        regularly, which explains the high bandwidth)

       other mirrors could try the sourceforge FTP space..

     - generate current snapshots daily on the current machine
       and automatically upload it to the SourceForge FTP space
       where they'd be accessible..

  - regarding terms of use:

     As pointed out by Juliusz, we need to read the terms or use
     of SourceForge deeply. It seems that it's really unclear wether
     a project can "back off" from their servers or not..

Does it answer your questions ?


- David

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