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[ft-devel] error: conflicting types for 'af_shaper_get_coverage'

From: Kostya Serebryany
Subject: [ft-devel] error: conflicting types for 'af_shaper_get_coverage'
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 10:45:39 -0800

Trying to build the fresh freetype from git with "./configure --with-harfbuzz=no"
I get this failure: 

freetype/san_cov/src/autofit/afshaper.c:577:3: error: conflicting types for 'af_shaper_get_coverage'
  af_shaper_get_coverage( AF_FaceGlobals  globals,
freetype/san_cov/src/autofit/afshaper.h:39:3: note: previous declaration is here
  af_shaper_get_coverage( AF_FaceGlobals  globals,

Should be a trivial fix: 
--- a/src/autofit/afshaper.c
+++ b/src/autofit/afshaper.c
@@ -576,7 +576,8 @@
   af_shaper_get_coverage( AF_FaceGlobals  globals,
                           AF_StyleClass   style_class,
-                          FT_UShort*      gstyles )
+                          FT_UShort*      gstyles,
+                          FT_Bool         unused)
     FT_UNUSED( globals );
     FT_UNUSED( style_class );


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