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[ft-devel] cmake improvements

From: Tamás Kenéz
Subject: [ft-devel] cmake improvements
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2015 23:43:01 +0100


I've made some CMake-related improvements. Please review the patches, let me know if you need this or if I should I change something.

The patches can be applied to the current master (d8fc009):

    d7933f0 [cmake] add to test the config-module
    b45830a [cmake] create config-module with install(EXPORT)
    b9b4861 [cmake] set CMAKE_DEBUG_POSTFIX to "d"
    26838cd [cmake] add WITH_* variables to force/auto/omit ZLIB/BZip2/PNG/HarfBuzz
    ac250b0 [cmake] make FindHarfbuzz observe the REQUIRED option
    d8fc009 Update `CHANGES' file.

The main feature is b45830a that creates a generated a config-module which provides an IMPORTED library target `freetype` which hides all the details needed to link to the library, so that's all what should be done to use it:

    find_package(Freetype CONFIG)
    target_link_libraries(<my-target> freetype)

The config-module (and the cmake-build) can be smoke-tested by typing:



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