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[ft-devel] Freetype2 cvs crashes

From: Ismail Donmez
Subject: [ft-devel] Freetype2 cvs crashes
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 10:41:15 +0300
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I cvs upped freetype2 from savannah repository and I see crashes in 
applications that use freetype2. Here is the backtrace:

(gdb) run -v -f
Starting program: /usr/bin/fc-cache -v -f
(no debugging symbols found)
(no debugging symbols found)
/usr/bin/fc-cache: "/usr/share/fonts": caching, 0 fonts, 2 dirs
/usr/bin/fc-cache: "/usr/share/fonts/truetype": caching, 0 fonts, 3 dirs
/usr/bin/fc-cache: "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/mac":
Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
tt_cmap4_next (cmap=0x597d30) at ttcmap.c:742
742                 FT_UInt  gindex = FT_NEXT_USHORT( p );
(gdb) print gindex
(gdb) print p
$1 = (FT_Byte *) 0x2aabab3f91da <Address 0x2aabab3f91da out of bounds>
(gdb) print *p
Cannot access memory at address 0x2aabab3f91da


They say people don't believe in heroes anymore

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