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Re: [Devel] BCI no longer used by default

From: Antoine Leca
Subject: Re: [Devel] BCI no longer used by default
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 23:55:59 +0100

Werner LEMBERG écrivit:
> Any good guy out there which can provide some glyph snapshots of
> Vera.ttf under Windows?  Note that the results we are discussing here
> have been produced with a resolution of 72dpi which is not the default
> for Windows.  Maybe the deviations are caused by a bug in FreeType's
> TT hinting engine...

Looks like it might be the case...

Here are two snapshots of grid-fitted (bytecode interpreted) using Windows
rasterizer 1.8 (Windows 98SE) on vera.ttf freshly downloaded from
(file 65932 bytes dated 2003-04-16 16:02), here are the key numbers of head
table to check if we speak about the same thing (given the dates, I guess we
  'head' version:      1.0
  fontRevision:        2.0
  checkSumAdjustment:  0x0C500AEC
  magicNumber:         0x5F0F3CF5
  created:             Thu Apr 10 01:46:00 2003
  modified:            Wed Apr 16 11:51:13 2003

The setting were at 72 dpi, hence pt and ppem are the same. Note that at 96
dpi, 13 ppem is 10 pt and 15 ppem is 11 pt, so there is little chance such
bugs could have been left unspotted if the designer were working on
Windows... I hope you could figure the screenshot.

Another point: I did not study the prep program, but at least both glyph
programs are not doing anything strange (like doing any CALL[], checking
GETINFO[] or anything that may require further attention).


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