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[Devel] Problem compiling ft2demos 2.1.9

From: Pierre
Subject: [Devel] Problem compiling ft2demos 2.1.9
Date: Sun, 07 Nov 2004 02:49:49 +0100
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# make
../freetype2/builds/unix/libtool --mode=link gcc -o /tmp/ft2demos-2.1.9/bin/ftlint /tmp/ft2demos-2.1.9/obj/ftlint.o -lz /tmp/freetype2/objs/ /tmp/ft2demos-2.1.9/obj/common.o gcc -o /tmp/ft2demos-2.1.9/bin/.libs/ftlint /tmp/ft2demos-2.1.9/obj/ftlint.o /tmp/ft2demos-2.1.9/obj/common.o /tmp/freetype2/objs/.libs/ -lz
/tmp/freetype2/objs/.libs/ undefined reference to `__ctype_b'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [/tmp/ft2demos-2.1.9/bin/ftlint] Error 1

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