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RE: [Devel] libfreetype.a file size much different in Red-Hat Linux

From: CYLiang
Subject: RE: [Devel] libfreetype.a file size much different in Red-Hat Linux
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 20:03:34 +0800

Hi Antoine:
        Thanks a lot,
After using strip or modify CFLAGS without "-g", the generated
libfreetype.a is much smaller ( 363K ). 
More, is there any easy/convenient solution to minimize the
libfreetype.a ( maybe just combine used modules, not full modules ) ?

Best regards,
Chris Liang

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Subject: Re: [Devel] libfreetype.a file size much different in Red-Hat

Chris Liang wrote:
> Built by me libfreetype.a file size is about 2092 K.
> Red-Hat Linux /usr/lib/ libfreetype.a. file size is 391 K.
> Why  and how to reduce the file size?

Typically (based on the figures) you have the debugging informations
your library (this is normal since by default Freetype ships with the -g
option on), RedHat version does not (again, this is correct since a
stored in /usr/lib is supposed to be bug-free).

Try a tool named strip, particularly the -S option.
Another option is to use gcc -g1 if you do not intend to debug Freetype.


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