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Re: [Devel] jump-to-0 exception in FTC_MruList_RemoveSelection()

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: [Devel] jump-to-0 exception in FTC_MruList_RemoveSelection()
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2004 20:10:34 +0100 (CET)

> The (only) caller to FTC_MruList_RemoveSelection() is
> FTC_Manager_RemoveFaceID(),

And ftc_face_node_done (in ftcmanag.c).

> which passes a NULL selection procedure pointer, but
> FTC_MruList_RemoveSelection() doesn't check for this.
> Since I realize that the FT Cache is a work in progress, I can't be
> sure whether FTC_MruList_RemoveSelection() should be changed to
> supply a non-NULL proc pointer, so for the time being I have changed
> FTC_MruList_RemoveSelection() to treat a NULL proc pointer as
> 'select all'.

I've applied your fix since it seems to me the right thing.  David,
please check this.  Thanks!


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