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[Devel] I'm lost with the charmaps !!

From: Riccardo Cohen
Subject: [Devel] I'm lost with the charmaps !!
Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2002 11:51:44 +0100

I have a problem with charmaps.

1) with some fonts, one or 2 characters cannot be displayed.
  for instance LATIN CAPITAL LETTER ETH (sort of D with a horizontal bar in the 
middle) 0x00D0 unicode
  it cannot be printed in font "Marriage" because in that font, charset is 
  and in that charmap, this letter does not exists ! (I have an iMac and 
checked it!)

=> BUT MSWORD and also my graphic software found it and displayed it. WHERE IS 
IT ? (I can display quite all other chars)

2) with other fonts the charmaps are completely wrong. 
  For instance with "Chevara" font, I cannot find any charmap that displays the 
correct glyphs.
  I tried unicode, macos and latin1, none gave the good glyphs

=> BUT MSWORD and also my graphic software can display all chars correctly ???

I could not compile demo/ftview on windows (too many compilation error) . Is 
there any font viewer that could display the glyphs with their corresponding 
charmap code ?

Riccardo Cohen

Les Roches
37230 Fondettes
email = address@hidden
web =
tel: +33 02 47 49 90 49
fax: +33 02 47 49 91 49

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