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Re: [Devel] split_conic and split_cubic are duplicated

From: David Turner
Subject: Re: [Devel] split_conic and split_cubic are duplicated
Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 09:27:11 +0200

Hi again,

Graham Asher a écrit :
> Another observation arising from my work with ftgrays.c: the routines
> split_conic and split_cubic are duplicates of
> Split_Conic and Split_Cubic in ftraster.c. These functions should be moved
> to a utilities module somewhere; we really shouldn't have duplicates in
> FreeType, because many users have litle memory available.
Actually, it's probably better to have these functions within the rasterizer,
simply because they're critical to its performance, and can be inlined by an
optimizing compiler..

this wouldn't be the case if we were using functions from another module.
Besides, I like the idea of the rasterizers being self-contained..
> Although one set of functions takes TPoint and the other FT_Vector, that
> distinction can also be abolished; the two types are identical.
Please don't do that !! The reason why the rasterizer uses as few FreeType
types as possible directly is to allow easier experimentation. For example,
it can be useful to change TPoint to:

    double  x;
    doubly  y;

when testing new algorithms..


- David

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